Tarryn & Izzy - St Augustine's, Brisbane Powerhouse, Kangaroo Point


April is a popular month for weddings for a reason – the weather is reliably perfect. Tarryn and Isaiah woke on 20 April to a beautiful warm day, blue skies and sunshine, and the temperature was just right. Tarryn and her five bridesmaids and two flower girls (yes – that’s a lot of girls!) got ready in relaxed comfort at her parents property in Bracalba, while Isaiah and his groomsmen had a quiet morning at home just around the corner from the church.

St Augustine’s Anglican Church at Ascot is a beautiful old brick church with stunning stained glass windows and lush lawns and gardens. Isaiah, calm all morning, was visibly nervous and excited as he waited at the altar for his bride. Guests could hear the girls before they could see them – they arrived in style in brightly coloured 60/70s vintage muscle cars . As always, the groom melted when he saw his bride.

After the ceremony there were smiles and congratulations outside the church while family members were wrangled for photos. Then it was off to the Powerhouse Museum – a great choice for location shots. The large bridal party started to loosen up and got into the spirit with some impromptu dancing and acrobatics, and even the girls got ‘good air’ for a jump shot. From there it was a race to Kangaroo Point cliffs (our secret spot down the bottom) to get the gorgeous autumn sunset before the sun quickly fell behind the city.  By now Tarryn and Isaiah were reveling in their new status as husband and wife – and that clearly shows in their relaxed, beaming smiles.